St Bishoy College

"I can do all things through Christ" Phil 4:13

Primary School

The Primary School offers so many great activities for the students. The activities are fun and exciting!


Kindergarten and Year 6 are involved in the Better Buddies Program which promotes kindness and friendship among the students. Year 6 students participate in activities with their Kindergarten buddies throughout the year.



The school has a Gardening Group that students who would like to be involved are responsible for watering the plants in the College which helps students become more independent. It's great to see the students become involved with looking after the environment.



Crunch and Sip!

Crunch and Sip is a great program that gives students time everyday to eat fruit and vegetables. Eating healthy is very important and it's great to run this great program in our school to promote a healthy way of living.

Scholastic Book Club!

A great program set in place to encourage students to read and become more excited about books. Scholastic Book Club is sent to the school every month and students can purchase books of their choice. A great variety of books are offered for students to choose from.